Buzzwordz is the latest concept in virtual marketing and social media Community Management. Our mission is to create an online community for your small business based on your brand. 

We give your brand a voice and a personality, which allows you more time to take care of what you do best – manage your business.


We are a social media agency based in Toronto.  Our passion is creating social media marketing campaigns that engage and inform your clients, look beautiful, and promote your business.


An active online community reaches far more people than conventional advertising. By creating conversations and connections, we bring together a community of people around your business. 

We post customized text on your behalf geared directly towards your clientele on an ongoing basis. Through social media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram, people can follow all the latest news and happenings in both your small business and your business community. With numerous posts on multiple platforms, new clients are more likely to find you through the increased visibility that social media provides.


Buzzwordz is the front line to help your clients engage with and understand your business — driving sales, and taking your business to the next level.